Range of all available Curél products for dry, sensitive skin

Japanese Skincare for dry, sensitive skin

Meet Curél, Japan´s No.1 Skincare brand for sensitive skin.

Curél products for double cleansing


Removing impurities is particularly important to calm dry, sensitive skin.Curél cleansers use only mild formulas specifically designed for dry, sensitive skin to protect the skin´s natural ceramides from being washed away while cleansing.
In Japan – the home of Curél – women follow a unique skincare routine of double cleansing, a 2-step skincare ritual.

Curél Products for double moisturising


Dry, sensitive skin lacks ceramides, natural lipids that form the skin´s protective barrier.
Curél Ceramide Care System helps to fill up the skin’s ceramide reservoir and deeply hydrates to protect skin from dryness and external stimuli.
In Japan – the home of Curél – women use a 2-step moisturizing method called double moisturizing.

Curél products for the sensitive skin around the eyes

Sensitive Eye Area

The deeply moisturizing Moisture Eye Zone Essence boosts the concentration of moisture around the thinner skin of the eye contour area.
Skin becomes supple, fully moisturized and resistant to external aggressors.

Curél products for a 2-week trial

Trial Kit

This trial kit let´s you explore the Japanese skincare tradition of
Double Cleansing and Double Moisturizing.

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