Range of all available Curél products for dry, sensitive skin

Japanese Skincare for dry, sensitive skin

Meet Curél®, Japan´s No.1 Skincare brand for sensitive skin.

In Japan, women follow a unique skincare routine of double cleansing. First an oil-based cleanser is used to remove makeup and impurities. Then, a foam cleanser clears any remaining residues and purifies the skin.

Step 1: Makeup
          Cleansing Gel                

The mild and silky formula gently and thoroughly removes makeup from deep within the pores while hydrating dry, sensitive skin.

or  Step 1: Makeup      Cleansing Oil

Gentle, smooth oil transforms into weightless, milky texture upon contact with water. Instantly lifts off makeup and mascara.

Step 2: Foaming Facial Wash

The rich foam gently cleanses dry, sensitive skin without stripping hydration, leaving skin soft and supple.

Curél® moisturizers follow the traditional two step moisturizing process uniquely practiced by women in Japan - called double moisturization. In the first step, a softening lotion preps the skin to better absorb the moisturizer, enhancing its benefits. In the second step, a rich, yet light feeling moisturizer is applied to the skin.

Step 1: Hydrating Water Essence

The soothing liquid instantly hydrates to calm dry, sensitive skin, relieves tightness and locks in moisture.

Step 2, Dry Skin:
Moisture Facial Milk

The soothing milky texture hydrates, restores skin comfort and leaves dry, sensitive skin soft and radiant.

Step 2, Extra Dry Skin: Intensive Moisture Cream

The light-as-air yet intensively nourishing cream absorbs instantly for soft skin comfort. Leaves skin silky with a healthy glow.

Deep Moisture Spray

Product image of Curél Moisture Facial Milk

Ultra-fine moisturizing spray with ceramides for instant hydration.

Moisture Repair Eye Cream

Product image of Curél Moisture Repair Eye Cream

Makes fine lines caused by dryness less noticeable

This trial kit let´s you explore the Japanese skincare tradition of Double Cleansing and Double Moisturizing.

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