Curél: Ending Dry Skin Since 1984


USA - 1984: Launch

- The Curél Skincare brand was originally created by SC Johnson to provide people who suffer from chronically dry skin with a product that can truly help address their skin problems and concerns

- The name “Curél” was created as a combination of the words “Cure” and “Well” to demonstrate the superior restorative properties of the product.

- The main difference between Curél Skincare and other lotions available was “cationic technology” which provides a better usage experience than other products that were out on the market at the time. The cationic technology gave the lotion properties that help it adhere to dry skin better without leaving a greasy feeling on the skin. Cationic technology is still leveraged in Curél products today to help provide a great non-greasy use experience.

- Curél Skincare advertising featured the tagline of “Better at Ending Dry Skin” to speak to the product efficacy and the better use experience due to the proprietary cationic technology.

USA - 1986 to 1992: Medical Credibility

- Medical professionals began to see the benefits to using Curél products, and began to recommend Curél products to their patients.
- Curél Skincare started to use the testimonials of doctors and nurses in advertising conveying Curél Skincare as a brand that “Ends Dry Skin Better”

USA - 1993 to 1997: See the Cure

- In 1993 Bausch & Lomb acquired Curél Skincare from SC Johnson
- Bausch & Lomb moved away from the “Ends Dry Skin Better” messaging
- New communication focused on Curél products as a “Cure”
            o “Until there’s a cure, there’s Curél”
            o “See the Cure in Curél”
- Medical professional testimonials continued to be used with messaging about Curél Skincare being the “best therapeutic lotion available without a prescription.”
- In 1996, the Caduceus first appeared on Curél product packaging to reinforce the brands efficacy and credentials in caring for dry, damaged skin. 

Japan - 1988 to 1998: Kao Corporation and Breakthrough Discovery in Skincare

- At this time Kao Corporation (based in Japan) was independently studying the causes and effects of dry, sensitive skin at a micro-level.
- Through this skincare research, scientists made a category-changing discovery about the structure and make-up of skin and the role that Ceramides, a critical lipid family, play in skin health and its ability to maintain hydration.
- Unfortunately, ceramides are extremely expensive limiting the quantity that is able to be used in skincare products.  With this knowledge, Kao set out to create a proprietary ceramide technology to restore ceramide levels in skin and return damaged skin to health. This technology is known as “Advanced Ceramide Complex.” This Advanced Ceramide Complex allowed Kao to affordably develop pseudo-ceramides, which in turn would allow them to include higher quantities in products to effectively restore skin’s moisture barrier.
- However, at the time Kao did not own any Skincare brand within which they could use this breakthrough ceramide technology.

USA - 1998: A Foundation for Technology

- In 1998 Kao Corporation acquired Curél Skincare from Bausch & Lomb.
- With the acquisition of Curél Skincare, Kao had a well-respected dry, sensitive skincare brand within which they could utilize their breakthrough Advanced Ceramide Complex.

USA - 1999 to 2010: Meeting the Needs of Dry Skin Sufferers

- Curél Skincare continued on the mission to correct dry skin-related issues and concerns.
- In 2002, Curél Skincare developed an intensive moisturizing lotion called “Extreme Care.” This moisturizer is now the most popular product in the Curél Skincare portfolio, but is now known as Curél Ultra Healing Lotion. 
- Curél Skincare developed and launched Curél Itch Defense Lotion in 2009 to specifically address the needs of people suffering from dry, itchy skin.

Japan - 1999 to Present: The Development of Curel Skincare in Japan

- With the acquisition of Curél Skincare, Kao set about developing a line of products for the Japan market that could leverage the proprietary Advanced Ceramide Complex to care for dry, sensitive skin.
- In 2001, Kao launched a comprehensive line of dry, sensitive skincare products focused on delivering the fundamental solution for dry, sensitive skin exclusively in Japan.

        o The Advanced Ceramide Complex is the cornerstone of this line of products.
- The line is primarily focused on addressing sensitive facial skin with cleansers that will not strip the moisture barrier of precious hydration and moisturizer that deeply hydrate without irritation, but also features a range of products for the body and scalp.
- In 2008, Curél Skincare became the #1 brand for dry, sensitive skin in Japan and has maintained this position every year since.
- In 2012, the Curél Skincare line of products from Japan began expanding throughout Asia.
- Today this line of over 60 products addresses a range of dry, sensitive skin issues and concerns, and is continuing to gain popularity throughout Japan and Asia.

USA - 2016 to Present: Technology Breakthrough

- Through our ongoing efforts to understand dry skin, Curél Skincare uncovered research about the time when skin is able to absorb the most moisture- while skin is still wet immediately following a shower. This information lead to the development of Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer.
- In 2016, Curél Skincare launched Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer in the US to provide maximum hydration to those that suffer from dry-skin related issues while also delivering a product consumers will love to use since it leaves the skin deeply hydrated without feeling greasy, heavy, or sticky.
- Today Curél Skincare in the US continues on the mission to End Dry Skin through the development of products that fundamentally restore dry, sensitive skin to health and that people will love to use every day.

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