Dry Skin Care

Dry Feet

Dry, Cracked Feet: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

Your feet carry you everywhere, so you need to treat them well. With proper care and a regular moisturizing routine, you can have smooth, soft feet that will take you on a lifetime of adventure.

Severe Dry Skin Symptoms & Treatment Tips

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

Severe dry skin is more than just frustrating—it can be both painful and embarrassing as well. One of the drivers of the frustration is that there is no single cause you can peg an extremely dry skin condition to, rather, it can manifest due to a variety of factors.

Dry Skin Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Tips from Dermatologists

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

Dry skin is caused by a variety of factors, from using the wrong skin care products to the environment. Fortunately, there are ways to manage and get rid of dry skin for good. Treating dry skin isn’t a quick fix, but rather involves a series of lifestyle and product tweaks.

Xerosis: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Tips

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

 It’s like dry skin but worse--and it can leave your skin rough and cracked. It’s xerosis. In fact, untreated xerosis can put you at risk for a bacterial infection. One of the first signs of xerosis is a scaly pattern of dry skin on your arms or legs. By figuring out what is causing your abnormally dry skin and by adding intense moisturizers to your skincare routine, you can heal xerosis and bring your skin back to life.

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