Curél is on a Mission to End Dry Skin


    In the United States there are over 30 million people who suffer from dry skin related symptoms such as ashy, flakey, itchy, or cracking skin on a regular and ongoing basis. Unfortunately, much of this suffering is needless. Simply applying a good, quality moisturizer consistently and proactively throughout the year could eliminate these dry skin problems for most people.

    However, the problem is not with the people that have the dry skin, it’s with the people who are making lotions. The problem is that those good, quality moisturizers are frequently miserable to use. They are greasy and sticky. They sit on the skin and don’t absorb quickly, leaving the skin feeling heavy and weighed down. Then, after all that, the moisture doesn’t even last long enough to provide all day relief. How can anyone be expected to use products like that consistently and proactively throughout the year?

    But it’s just dry skin, it’s not that big of a deal! Over time everyone learns how to deal with their own specific skin challenges. If you have a bad knee you know you have to avoid kneeling. If you have sensitive teeth you learn which side of your mouth to eat that bowl of ice cream. And if you have back pain you quickly learn how to move in just the right way to avoid pain.

    We learn how to deal with problems and get on with our life. People who experience consistently dry skin do the exact same thing… They have learned that they get embarrassed when people see or comment on their dry skin, so they tend to cover up, even in the heat of the summer. They know that their rough hands are a challenge no matter how much greasy lotion they put on, so they will do everything to avoid shaking hands, including avoiding eye contact. And they know that long exposure to biting winter air will leave their skin in bad shape for weeks, so they will avoid spending time outside in the winter including trips to the ice skating rink.

    The problem is that these little adjustments silently rob people with dry skin of valuable connections in their lives. While these minor lifestyle adjustments are essential for staying comfortable, they result in fewer handshakes, less eye contact, and fewer memories with friends and family.

    At Curél Skincare, we believe that connections with others are the most valuable things in life. The challenge with connections is that they are precious and they are fleeting. They are  precious because you can never tell when the tiniest connection will end up completely changing the course of someone’s life. But connections are also fleeting because once the opportunity for a connection has passed it will never happen the same way again.   
    Dry skin is preventing people from fully connecting in their lives… and this is why Curél Skincare is on a mission to End Dry Skin… for good.

    At Curél Skincare we believe life has enough obstacles that stand in the way of living your best and most connected life and dry skin doesn’t need to be yet another reason.

    At Curél Skincare, we envision a future where those 30 million people no longer avoid eye contact, handshakes, or events with friends & family. Where a request to go to the beach with friends is met with excitement instead of dread. Where building a snowman with the kids after the first big snowfall is a source of life-long memories instead of lasting regret.

    This is what fuels the work we do at Curél Skincare; helping every last one of these 30 million people permanently correct their dry skin related issues so it will never again stand in the way of a connection that may change their lives.

    To achieve this goal we had to think differently about moisturizers. We understand that the most efficacious moisturizer only works well if people want to use it.  This is why Curél Skincare makes moisturizers with Advanced Ceramide Complex that target the source of dry skin, but equally important we make moisturizers that are really enjoyable to use. Products that are not heavy, greasy, or sticky. Products that absorb quickly with hydration that lasts all day.

    Curél Skincare is on a mission to End Dry Skin, and we won’t stop until our mission is completed. We can’t wait to see what incredible things people can accomplish with their dry skin worries behind them.

                            Curél, the end of dry skin, the beginning of so much more.

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