A NEW Solution for Dry, Itchy Skin


 As those who suffer from dry, itchy skin know all-too-well, the discomfort, irritation and pain of constantly feeling itchy can, at times, feel unbearable. And while the physical irritation is bad, perhaps the worst part is the mental anguish that those with dry, itchy skin often experience. Because the itch is so persistent, their skin always seems to be on the top of their minds, interrupting their thoughts and distracting them from their everyday tasks. Of course, the self-conscious feelings and the potential embarrassment of constantly scratching compiles upon the other concerns and issues.
        If you have never experienced dry, itchy skin, you have almost certainly experienced the similarly irritating experience of having a mosquito bite. While dry, itchy skin is very different from a bug bite, the resulting feeling of persistent itchiness is similar. As you certainly know from a mosquito bite, if not from dry itchy skin, the satisfying feeling of scratching the itch actually causes the irritation to become worse! Sometimes the only satisfying experience is to scratch the itch, but doing so is actually prolonging and worsening the irritation.  This is perhaps the greatest challenge with dry, itchy skin. Scratching the skin causes inflammation, which results in blood rushing to the area and causing more swelling and irritation. So, scratching that itch can actually worsen skin’s functioning. This is the start of a very challenging situation for the dry, itchy skin sufferer.

Causes of Dry, Itchy Skin

So, what causes dry, itchy skin in the first place? While there can be an array of potential causes for dry, itchy skin (from allergies, to low humidity in the air) it almost always begins with a compromised moisture barrier which leaves the skin feeling highly irritated and itchy.  
        The skin’s moisture barrier found in the outer-most layer of skin cells (also known as the Stratum Corneum) keeps the skin functioning properly by keeping hydration in the skin and irritants out. The skin’s moisture barrier is comprised of skin cells which are “glued” into place, like bricks are mortared to a wall, by a combination of lipids, including ceramides and fats.
        When the moisture barrier breaks down and inter-cellular lipids, like Ceramides, are lost, the skin cells are no longer glued into place and the skin cannot function properly. This causes moisture loss from the skin to accelerate and symptoms of dry skin to appear.
        As the moisture barrier breakdown progresses symptoms of dry skin, like itchiness, can occur.  Itchy skin is often felt most acutely immediately following a shower.  High water temperatures, length of shower and harsh cleansers can contribute to a breakdown of the moisture barrier and the stripping of skin’s natural oils.

New Curél® Hydra Therapy Itch Defense® Wet Skin Moisturizer

  If you experience the irritation and discomfort of dry, itchy skin, the relief you have been looking for has arrived. Introducing new Curél® Hydra Therapy Itch Defense® Wet Skin Moisturizer (Shop Now). The experts at Curél® Skincare have combined their revolutionary wet skin technology with proven soothing ingredients to deliver a superior wet skin moisturizer that deeply hydrates to relieve dry, itchy skin. This is the first wet skin moisturizer designed specifically to address the root cause of dry, itchy skin.
        The formula is applied immediately after showering, when skin is most receptive to receiving hydration. Just turn the water off and immediately apply Curél® Hydra Therapy Itch Defense® to wet skin (Shop Now). The formula works with the water on wet skin to penetrate deeply into the skin’s surface and deliver intensive hydration, ceramides, and proven soothing ingredients to the source of dry, itchy skin. The formula absorbs immediately without a greasy feel. After applying, just towel dry as normal and enjoy all-day, soothing hydration.
        Featuring Vitamin E, Oatmeal Extract, and known soothing ingredients, the formula hydrates to calm and soothe dry, itchy skin. When used daily, the formula, with Proprietary Ceramide Complex, helps to repair the damaged moisture barrier - a source of dry, itchy skin.
        Say goodbye to the irritation and embarassment of dry, itchy skin thanks to the new Curél® Hydra Therapy Itch Defense® Wet Skin Moisturizer (Shop Now).

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