The Secret to Maximizing Moisture


        We know applying a moisturizer is the best way to help alleviate dry, cracked, itchy skin. We also know that all moisturizers are not created equally–there are many factors that can make one work better for you than another, from ingredients to fragrance, to how long it lasts on your skin.
        But did you know that moisturizing is also about timing? There is actually a time when your skin is best able to absorb your moisturizer. If you’re not applying your moisturizer at the right time, you may not be reaping the full benefits.
        So, when is the right time to moisturize? The answer is immediately after you turn off the water in your shower, while your skin is still wet. Surprised? Read on and find out why.

What happens to your skin when you shower?

        A nice shower can be a rejuvenating reprieve for the soul. And those warm, washes–it turns out–are also a great opportunity for your skin to maximize its moisture potential.
        Here’s why. After you’ve been in a warm shower for about two minutes, your skin starts to “plump.” What’s happening on a cellular level is that your skin cells are absorbing the shower water. They’re like tiny sponges that temporarily expand to accommodate the extra moisture.
        Here’s the bad news: your skin doesn’t have a way to hold onto the moisture it just absorbed. So as soon as you turn off the shower, your skin quickly begins losing the hydration it gained from the shower water. That moisture evaporates from your skin cells and they return to their usual state.
        If you are prone to dryness and your moisture barrier is compromised, you can actually feel your skin cells shrinking, which results in that tight and itchy feeling you get as you dry. Unfortunately, harsh shower practices such as prolonged exposure to hot water, harsh cleansers, and over-exfoliating can all further compromise your skin’s moisture barrier. So how do you combat the harsh effects of showering habits while locking in the moisture your skin gains from the water?

Moisture win: Wet Skin!

        Here’s the good news about showers: they prep your skin to let moisture in. But how? As we mentioned earlier, when you take a shower, your skin cells absorb water from the shower and “plump.” They also expand and move away from each other creating a natural pathway for a moisturizer to penetrate deeper into the skin’s surface.

        Because there is a path between skin cells when skin is wet and not when skin is dry, wet skin absorbs a moisturizer more easily than dry skin. And that’s why the prime time to moisturize is right after a shower–especially with the right type of moisturizer formulated for wet skin application.

        So why does it matter which kind of moisturizer you use on wet skin? Traditional lotions are not designed to combine with the water on your wet skin, so they can leave you with a greasy mess that doesn’t absorb. On the other hand, wet-skin moisturizers work with the water on your wet skin to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin’s surface and maximize your skin’s hydration.

        Our wet skin moisturizer, Curel Hydra Therapy wet skin moisturizer, features ceramides and other dry skin healing ingredients and get deep into your skin’s surface, locking in the hydration from your shower to healing dryness at the source.

What’s the best wet skin moisturizer to use?

        The best defense against dry skin is an effective wet-skin moisturizer, like Curél Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer.  Here’s the best way to use it. Apply Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer immediately after you turn off your shower water, before your plump skin cells begin shrinking back to normal size. It will work with the water on your wet skin to help lock in moisture, leaving it looking healthy, and feeling smooth and hydrated.

        Curel Hydra Therapy wet skin moisturizer glides on evenly and penetrates deep into your skin’s surface without a heavy, greasy or sticky feeling. You don’t have to rinse it off either––you want all that moisturizing goodness to stay in your skin. Rinse off moisturizers can make your shower too slippery anyway! 

        Pro tip: store your Hydra Therapy in the shower so you’ll remember to use it as soon as you turn the shower off and before you reach for your towel.

        By making Curel Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer part of your daily showering routine, you can experience the end of dry skin with a healthy moisture barrier and smooth, hydrated skin.

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