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Curél Ceramide Technology

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What are Ceramides and why are they so important?

Your skin´s topmost layer is the body´s protective barrier against the outside environment, which keeps out harmful germs and chemicals. It also functions as a moisture retention barrier, keeping hydration in. Dermatologists call this the “skin barrier”. Dry, sensitive skin´s protective barrier is weakened and easily feels tight, dry and itchy.
Ceramides are natural lipids and key components of the topmost layer. Ceramides line up and interact with other lipids to form a structure, which is essential for moisture retention and the strength of the skin barrier. If you have dry, sensitive skin, the issue may be that you don´t have enough natural ceramides in your skin.
Find out here how to boost your ceramide levels and achieve healthy-looking, moisturised skin with the Curél Ceramide Care System.

Meet the Curél Ceramide Care System

The Curél Ceramide Care System works with your skin to replenish, protect and promote the natural ceramide moisturisers in your skin – thereby revitalizing dry, sensitive skin into deeply hydrated, blossoming skin.

What happens when skin
doesn´t have enough ceramides?

When skin is lacking ceramides due to environmental factors, behaviours, or external irritants, the skin’s protective barrier function is no longer strong and impenetrable. This often leads to that feeling of dry, tight, itchy, sensitive skin. Ceramide levels have a direct impact on the skin´s ability to fight off dryness and outside stressors.

How ceramides effect the skin barrier

How do you help replenish ceramide levels in your skin?

With the right help you can replenish your skin’s ceramide levels, restore moisture, and help repair your protective moisture barrier.
Curél moisturisers, formulated with ceramide technology, improve moisture retention and help repair your skin's protective moisture barrier for softer, healthier-looking skin.
Curél – revitalises dry, sensitive skin into deeply hydrated, blossoming skin.

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Curél's Academic Collaboration

Curél research in dry, sensitive skin has been published in various journals read by physicians, nurses, and pharmacists – all of whom interact daily with people struggling with dry, sensitive skin.

To date, there have been more than 70 collaborative researches conducted by Curél and dermatologists in Japan, Asia, Europe, and North America. Our research into ceramides has attracted wide attention and international recognition.

Curél is recommended by 86.8% of Japanese dermatologists.**

**2019 survey of 38 hospital dermatologists.


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Japanese Skincare is all about following a consistent skincare regimen of high-quality ingredients to achieve beautiful, radiant skin.

Range of Curel products with ceramides

Specifically developed for dry, sensitive skin with unique textures and advanced Ceramide Technology.

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