What are the best skincare tips when wearing face masks?

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Given the current situation, we suddenly have to wear a face mask and we have seen that this can be quite damaging to the skin, as masks can cause the skin to flare up, to dry out and might even cause you to break out.
So, what is the best skincare routine when wearing a mask?

We have gathered our top six tips below:

1. Start by always washing your hands before cleansing your face, to make sure they are free of any bacteria.

2. Make sure you are looking after your barrier function of the skin, so use a range that helps to build up the ceramides in your skin, as these can get depleted by using masks. Our whole Curél range has been designed to protect and promote the ceramides in your skin and you can find out more about our unique Ceramide Care Technology here.

3. Always put a good barrier cream on your face, especially around the area where your mask is. We suggest putting it on around 30 minutes before wearing the mask. This will help prevent drying and cracking of the skin. Our Curél Intensive Moisture Facial Cream is great for this, as it’s light yet extremely nourishing, while also helping to fill up your ceramide reservoir and improve your skin’s barrier function.

4. If you are suffering from breakouts, washing regularly is very important as it helps to prevent bacteria the build-up, caused by sweating under the mask. Pick a cleanser that is gentle and doesn’t strip your skin of the lipids that make up the barrier function. This is because looking after the barrier function will help prevent introducing bacteria under the skin. We suggest using our Curél Foaming Facial Wash, as it protects the natural ceramides of your skin. While for a moisturiser, if you are prone to breakouts, we suggest using the Moisture Facial Milk, as it’s lighter in texture than the cream, yet it still helps to fill up the skin’s ceramide reservoir.

5. Make sure to change your mask as guided. Different masks have different guidelines. If you are worried about forgetting, we suggest using a timer on your phone as a reminder.

6. Finally, make sure you are taking adequate breaks throughout the day when possible, so you can take the pressure off the skin. 

Let us know if you have any extra tips on Instagram @CurelUK, so we can share with our community.

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