New Year Skin Care Goals: Japanese Liquid Face Moisturizer

Want soft, beautiful, glowing skin in the New Year? Who doesn’t?! The Japanese have long held a secret to gorgeous skin, and Western culture is finally catching on. So what is the secret? Deep hydration by double moisturizing. And the vital first step in the double moisturizing routine is the soothing, deeply-hydrating liquid lotion that helps prep your skin to lock in moisture from your regular face moisturizer. 

What is Japanese Moisture Lotion?

Facial lotions are an essential step in the Japanese skincare routine. Sometimes called Japanese “toners,” these lotions are light and watery, much like a serum. But they’re nothing like the toners most Westerners are used to. They typically contain no alcohol or astringent properties, and though applied after cleansing, they’re not meant to wipe away excess oil, dirt, or impurities (that’s what double-cleansing is for).

Instead, At night, use a thick, deeply hydrating cream to help repair dryness and protect your skin.Japanese liquid face moisturizers are deeply hydrating lotions that prep your skin to receive all the benefits of the serums and regular moisturizers that follow. They’re typically packed with ceramides and emollient ingredients like glycerin, aloe, and other botanical extracts. 



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Why Should You Add a Liquid Face
Moisturizer to Your Skincare Routine?

The centuries-old tradition of double-moisturizing has been passed down from generation to generation, and for good reason. A well known secret to beautiful, healthy-looking skin is hydration. And a Japanese liquid face moisturizer offers an extra boost of moisture that results in visibly healthier, dewy skin.

Just a few pumps of liquid face moisturizer patted onto the skin after cleansing rehydrates the skin, preparing it to seal in deep moisture. Smooth on a regular moisturizer while your face is still damp from the liquid lotionand feel skin soak in its benefits. 

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Why Choose Curel’s
Liquid Face Moisturizer?

Combining tradition with the science of ceramide protection, our skincare experts developed a Japanese facial toner-inspired lotion as a part of our complete four-step Ceramide CareTM System. Curel’s Moisture Facial Lotion  is a soothing pre-moisturizer in the Japanese facial toner tradition that instantly hydrates to help calm dry, sensitive skin, relieve tightness and prep the skin to lock in moisture.
If your skin care goal in the New Year is visibly softer, more healthy looking skin, try adding our liquid face moisturizer to your skincare routine and find out why Curel’s Ceramide CareTM system has become the no. 1 skincare system in Japan for dry, sensitive skin. 

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What Characterises
Dry Skin?

What are the symptoms? Find out here – as well as how to repair your skin for a dewy, soft face. 

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