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It’s no secret that Japanese women have smooth, beautiful skin. In Japan, the face is considered a reflection of inner personality, beauty, and health - so there is a lot of attention paid to overall quality, texture and tone of skin.


Japanese Skincare:
Be kind to your skin

In Japan, taking care of your skin is seen as a sign of self-love and respect rather than a practice of vanity. If you want to achieve beautiful, radiant skin, you should not fight your skin, but instead be delicate and gentle with it. It will thank you with a smooth, even complexion.

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Spend time pampering your skin. Follow a routine.

The core of Japanese skincare is to spend time and care. It’s not about covering up what we deem flaws; it’s about following a consistent skincare regimen of high-quality ingredients to achieve beautiful, radiant skin.
Dedicate a few minutes in the morning and the evening to your skin. In the evening, a 2-step cleansing ritual removes all traces of the day. Then layer two very different types of moisturisers in a 2-step method: a lotion to help feed the skin with water and moisture, followed by a classic moisturiser.

Moisture as the secret of japanese skincare

Moisture is Key

The Japanese have a nourishing philosophy and hydration is at the core of the Curél brand. Jun Shin – meaning skin deeply infused with moisture – is the result of layering hydrating and moisturizing products.

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Clever cleansing

It is particularly important for dry, sensitive skin to be cleaned thoroughly and yet gently. Curél cleansers have been developed to do just that -  cleanse while preserving the skin´s ceramides and therefore the skin´s protective barrier. Clean skin will allow moisturisers to work more efficiently.
Double cleansing is a Japanese two-step cleansing method using two different types of cleansers, one after the other. The first oil-based cleanser dissolves makeup and sebum, while the second water-based cleanser washes away anything that’s left over.

Curél product facial lotion for japanese skincare routine

The Lotion

Lotions are the best-selling skincare items in Japan.

Whether called an essence, a pre-moisturiser, a primer or booster, the Japanese lotion is not comparable to our Western toner and fulfills a very different role. While toners remove the last traces of the cleanser, the lotion is a lightweight, hydrating liquid, designed to help prepare skin for your moisturiser, post cleansing.It is easy and fast to use and makes an amazing difference.

This technique is called double moisturising.

Instead of using a cotton ball, the Lotion is simply dispensed into the palm of your hand. Smooth onto the face with both hands in long, soft strokes. Gently pat with your fingers to enhance the absorption. Like a facial massage, this action can also help to stimulate circulation.

Discover the feeling of hydrating with a Lotion and sealing everything in with a moisturiser.

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