Meet Curél® – No.1 in Japan for sensitive skin

Curél® – helping people with dry, sensitive skin feel well in their own skin every day.

Curél dermatologist checks a woman's facial skin

It all begins with the thorough understanding of skin

We have listened to how dry, sensitive skin makes people feel and how it can affect their lives. We believe that everyone deserves to feel well in their own skin every day. That is what our team at Curél® is working towards.

Our research on sensitive skin began even before it became a common term. In 1976, a new research lab was established at the corporate Kao institute in Japan to learn more about our skin structure.

Our long and extensive research on dermatology led us to the fact that dry, sensitive skin is caused by a lack of ceramide.

Curél® – recommended by 86.8% of Japanese dermatologists.*

*2019 survey of 38 Japanese Hospital Dermatologists

Curél – new to the UK

The Founder of Curél Tomiro Nagase

Curél´s history at Kao

From 19th century Japan until today.

Ceramide reserches at Curél

Superior Ceramide Care

Curél is the culmination of extensive dermatological research. It takes into consideration the skin's moisture and natural barrier functions to provide safe and effective solutions through careful formulation.
Research proves that the Curél hydrating & penetrating moisture-retaining ceramide care system improves dryness in the skin. 

Our Promise on Quality

Our commitment to people with dry, sensitive skin problems is one of confidence, safety and reassurance.

Every two hours, a sample from the production line is taken to be tested on factors such as ingredients, colour, odour, and a skin application assessment, to ensure that every component of product compliance is achieved. From manufacturing to packaging, Curél maintains stringent "aseptic standard" that is comparable to those used in pharmaceutical and food production.

Woman researching at Curél

Curél is developed in Kao Japan's professional cosmetics factories in Tokyo and other cities in Japan.
Our Tokyo factory with its 44,100 m², inclusive of an R&D department, first began operations in 1923. It is an ideal working environment of highly advanced facilities and strict quality control operations.
Our 200-strong staff operates meticulously, and our products are all carefully packed by hand.

Woman researching for Curél ceramide care system

Curél Ceramide Care works with the skin to replenish, protect and promote the natural ceramide moisturisers in the skin.

Women celebrating the Curél community

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