Ceramides and Their Importance in the Skin

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

Ceramides are natural lipids and are a major component of healthy, hydrated skin. Learn more about them and how Curél® Skincare's new ceramide-rich formulas provide long term relief from dryness and skin sensitivity.

Woman sunbathing

5 Dermatologist-Approved Summer Skin Defenses

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

If you have sensitive skin, summer can be a source of apprehension and stress. That’s because so many summer elements threaten your dry, easily irritated skin. Here are five dermatologist-approved defenses to give you the confidence you need to get outside and enjoy the summer sun.

Woman at the swimming pool

Six Summer Skin Stressors

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

Skin irritation seems to show up with no warning and leave you wondering what just happened. The answer doesn’t have to be spending the summer hiding from the elements. Simply knowing what potentially triggers your skin can help you stay comfortable and confident all summer long.

Woman applying sunscreen

Are Mineral Sunscreens Right for You?

By the Curél® Skincare Experts

Maybe you've noticed some slight irritation when using your tried and true sunscreen solution. That could indicate that your skin isn’t reacting well to the chemicals in your sunscreen. The next time you go to buy sunscreen, know that you have options beyond the brand.

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